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Piraeus Open School for Migrants

Address: Agion Anargiron and Kos St. corner – Old Kokkinia area, Piraeus (14th Junior High School of Piraeus)

Phone number: 210-420-0917



FB: Ανοιχτό Σχολείο Μεταναστών Πειραιά

(Piraeus Open School for Migrants)

The Piraeus Open School for Migrants has been active in the field of solidarity education since 2005, while in 2006 it took the legal form of an association, with its ultimate aim being the educational and training support and the cultural advance of immigrants and refugees residing in our country.

In addition to our educational work, we organize visits to archaeological sites and monuments within and outside Athens, while through our solidarity actions we support vulnerable social groups of fellow humans.


We are not an NGO and our work is clearly based on voluntary contributions of active and sensitized citizens. We are committed to the protection of human rights with reference to Education, Health and Employment issues, our aim being the smooth integration of immigrants and refugees residing in our country as well as of all vulnerable social groups – regardless of nationality, religion or gender – which are in need of our support.


Types of Courses:

Modern Greek Language Teaching (all levels: Beginners – Medium – Higher)

Production and Understanding of Written and Spoken Language

Reading and Writing

History and Culture

Fast-paced preparation classes for the exams for language attainment certificates (levels: A1, A2, B1, B2)


Foreign Language Courses:

Levels: Beginners – Medium – Higher

LanguagesQ English – French – German – Spanish

Italian – Arabic – Urdu

Informatics / Computer use

Expression & Improvisation

(all our courses are designed for adult learners)

Translated by Stavros Kozobolis

Edited by Argyris Georgoulis