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Mesopotamia Solidarity School

Address: 13 Platonos St., Moschato, Athens

Phone number: 6932511992



FB: Αλληλέγγυο Σχολείο Μεσοποταμίας

(Mesopotamia Solidarity School)

The idea which led to the birth of Mesopotamia Solidarity School was to even better organize and systematize the educational services provided in the framework of our Time and Solidarity Bank and the Moschato Citizens’ Movement “Mesopotamia”.

Living in a society undergoing crisis, we realized that one of the crucial educational issues nowadays is the need of citizens of all ages for constant update and upgrade of their qualifications. On the other hand, the ever-increasing class division regarding access to education – which we posit to be a social good – leads to functional exclusion a large portion of children and young people, while the educational system is being continually dismantled and downgraded.

The Solidarity School forms part of the wider solidarity network of the Time Bank. Educational services are continuous and, for this reason, many hours of both supply (teachers) and demand (students and parents) are accumulated. So, as a reciprocation for the services provided, every three months we organize an event of socio-cultural character, which is decided  consensually by  the mixed assembly of teachers, students and parents.

The purpose of the School is to support students and young people, as well as everyone else interested in getting involved, through the provision of education services, always on the basis of developing a solidarity-based, nonprofit learning community.

More specifically, the objectives of the Solidarity School comprise the provision of educational, training and counseling services, as mentioned in detail in the “Services” Section. These may include:

  • Remedial Teaching (for students of lower & upper secondary school)
  • Foreign Language Teaching
  • Seminars & Training courses for all age groups

Translated by Stavros Kozobolis

Edited by Argyris Georgoulis