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Athens Open Migrant and Refugee School

Address: 13 Tsamadou St., Exarcheia, Athens

Phone number: 6983878814


FB: Ανοιχτό Σχολείο Μεταναστών και Προσφύγων Αθήνας

(Athens Open Migrant and Refugee School)

The Athens Open Migrant and Refugee School is a long-running effort to  teach Greek to migrants and political refugees as well as assist and practically stand with them. The School runs every Sunday from 12 to 6 pm. The School aims not only at teaching Greek to migrants and refugees, but also at providing them with legal support, creating interpersonal and intercultural relations (in a multi-use space promoting human communication, exchange of views and functioning as a channel of communication and pursuit of one’s rights) as well as promoting their socialization in a substantial manner.


Type of Courses:

Modern Greek Language Teaching (Basic Communication and Preparation for the  Examinations for the Certificate of Attainment in Greek)

Translated by Stavros Kozobolis

Edited by Argyris Georgoulis