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Keratsini Solidarity School

Address: 1 Ellis and Demertzi St., Keratsini, Piraeus (2nd High School of Keratsini)
Phone number: 6934520157
FB: Σχολείο Αλληλεγγύης Κερατσινίου

(Keratsini Solidarity School)

We live in a society in crisis, where education is chronically underfunded. This fact, combined with a difficult daily routine, leads more and more children to exclusion from the social good of education. The examination-based system of admission to higher education imposes a marathon of private coaching lessons, particularly in the final grades of high school, at great mental and material costs for both students and their families. Under these circumstances, we have chosen not to become isolated trying to solve our own daily problems, but to  practically express our solidarity by supporting students, so that everyone has access to education.


The School was started at the end of 2012 by an initiative of teachers. This action of ours neither intends to, nor can become a substitute for public school. Public schools fulfills its role under difficult circumstances. We want public school to provide all the knowledge necessary in the context of its program without exclusions and to be a space where teachers’ labor rights are observed. Moreover, we believe that private coaching should not be a necessary practice. Our course of action is founded on the needs of students and their families under the present situation.


In conclusion, we started an effort so that no student or family are left alone in the crisis. But for our effort to be successful, it must also be collective. For this reason, we insist on having as one of our main goals that the Solidarity School should become a collectivity of teachers, parents and pupils, who will jointly make decisions on all important matters relating to the school.


Keratsini Solidarity School provides remedial teaching for both general and vocational upper secondary school students.

Translated by Stavros Kozobolis

Edited by Argyris Georgoulis